October 17, 2019

Marketing Agency

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Marketing Agency

A marketing agency is your guide to profitability. As time goes by, it seems that no industry is untouched and no frontier unexplored. Marketers provide a guiding light to viability. Years of experience in industries such as medical marijuana make Seedless Media a go to for any campaign. 

How can I create a valuable marketing campaign? 

Traditional mediums continue to die.  Television and radio audiences are no longer as large as even a few years ago. Listenership declined by 19 percent in 2017 alone. Among younger generations, the situation is dire. 

While once strong platforms decline, social media rises. Over 60 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 35 view social media as an important source of information. Even older generations are likely to have more than one social media account. 

Media accounts must capture the audience where they are. Relevant content provided in the right place is the best way to drive people to your message. 

Digital marketing for heavily regulated industries 

Heavily regulated industries require special attention to detail. Often, customers are a special group requiring more intricate language and targeted advertising. Medical marijuana customers typically display some form of pain, anxiety, or discomfort. 

Knowing how to relate your brand to your customers is a key part of marketing. Avoiding controversy ensures that you stay in business. Seedless Media has years of experience in one of the most controversial industries in the country. Our experts help businesses navigate tricky waters in their quest to be heard. 

How does digital marketing work? 

Digital marketing is all about reaching your customers and building a community. Black hat tactics no longer work. Search engines, in the quest to provide relevant and useful information, now penalize keyword stuffing and mischievous backlinking. 

Your brand is your most important asset. Many people do what you do. To avoid getting last in a torrent of advertising, you need to get your brand in front of responsive customers. 

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to this exact end. From keyword research to fine tuning, we help you create content that sells. Additional organic traffic from social media leads to a feedback loop. The right call to action promotes repeat sales. 

Your online marketing campaigns should work for you long after the hard work ends. Being constantly aware and tuning your message can increase revenue by over ten percent. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Arizona 

Arizona is a booming market. In fact, our state has the third fastest growing economy in the country. Cannabis alone reached $400 million in revenue in 2018. 

Opportunities abound for those capable of propelling themselves above the sea of information presented to consumers. The average person comes in contact with up to 5000 advertisements every day. 

Seedless Media helps clients break through the clutter with an innovative online marketing platform. If you are looking to capture more of your market or break into a heavily regulated industry such as medical marijuana, we can help. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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