January 21, 2020

Marijuana Marketing

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Marijuana Marketing

Marijuana marketing revolves around legislation and the customers you can attract. In Arizona, a message of care is of vital importance to the success of your campaign. Seedless Media cuts through the red tape and connects you with the market in need of your help. 

Arizona Cannabis industry 

Medical marijuana sales continue to grow. In 2018, the industry topped $400 million. Increased interest prompted the state government to stop accepting applications for new dispensaries as the number of requests for licensure exceeded 2000. 

Even if there are only slightly less than 150 dispensaries today, the number is likely to rise with coming legalization. Experts predict that voters will approve recreational use in the early 2020s. With other states returning billions in tax revenue, the state is likely to agree. 

Cannabis in Arizona is a booming business. It will also be a saturated industry with recreational use leading to a drastic increase in the number of providers. 

Medical Marijuana Marketing 

Marketing medical marijuana can be controversial. You are limited to a specific customer base. Most experience some form of discomfort. With pending legalization, you also need to consider reaching a broader audience and not limiting yourself to medical sales. 

The right online message can vastly improve revenue for decades to come. Creating a brand that promotes a healing message will promote the atmosphere of care you strive to provide. 

Why should I use online marketing? 

Reaching your market requires finding where they are most likely to be. Traditional mediums continue to decline. Less than thirty percent of those between the ages of 18 and 36 rely on television and radio for information while listenership declined 14 percent in 2017 alone. 

People are online. Even older generations maintain multiple social media accounts. Studies suggest that older populations are more likely than their children to spend time of Facebook, especially if they are retired. The media landscape is changing. 

Online marketing reaches your market on the forums, social media platforms, and resources they rely on. This platform also affords you a great degree of control. You can promote your brand in the way you want. 

Allowing your customers to promote your image online may not actually be ideal. People tend to post to review sites when they are disgruntled. Map applications do far somewhat better. 

Comprehensive online marketing strategy 

Creating a strategy that reaches your entire audience is possible. We provide tools for analysis, keyword research, content generation and promotion, and web design.  Build a community around your business instead of letting the community dictate your company. 

Even if you lack experience, we can help. Our experts are ready to bring your campaign to the next level through tools or a helping hand. 

If you are ready to promote your dispensary or product in a way that works, we are ready to help. Build support for your brand through our marijuana marketing tools. 

Seedless Media stands ready to help in any capacity. Visit our website to find out more about our offerings and how you can achieve up to ten percent more revenue. 

Marijuana Marketing
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