January 21, 2020

Baton Rouge SEO company

Article provided by: Torapath Technologies

Baton Rouge SEO company

The good thing about SEO today is that search engines have evolved their algorithms substantially, and Torapath Technologies is a leading Baton Rouge SEO company on the cutting-edge of these vast industry changes. We're glad to say that SEO today is finally what it should be; it's about creating great content that solves the problem the search engine user is seeking answers to. Ranking your content today is easier than it has ever been despite the fact that there is now more competition online than ever!

Whereas old-school SEO was a bit like a scientific experiment, SEO today is pretty straight-forward. Rather than having to manipulate the search engines like in years past, now, you can just give the search engines what they want. Google has gotten very good about filtering out spammy, unhelpful content and narrowing a user's search results down to the best content on the Web for keyword queries.

What About Bing and Yahoo?

Bing and Yahoo have seen a recent surge in traffic apparently due to some controversially political decisions made by Google executives. Nobody knows for sure whether the surge in traffic to Bing and Yahoo will continue or if it will be short-lived. Still, because fewer people use these search engines to find content online, there may still be room to rank keywords rather easily that might be very difficult or even impossible to rank well for on Google.

When it comes to online searches, Google is king - by far! Yet, because opportunity exists on Bing and Yahoo, Torapath Technologies also targets these search engines in our SEO campaigns to give our Baton Rouge clients optimal SEO results.

Keywords Don't Matter Anymore

Most SEO experts never thought we'd reach a point when keywords don't matter, but realistically, that's where we're heading! Keywords will always matter to the effect that search engines can't possibly know what kind of content a user is searching for without keywords. That's where keyword significance ends today! In 2019, a keyword may only be used once or twice in an article and still rank well, as keyword density is officially a ranking technique of antiquity.

Google will give results to relatable content as well. This means that if you search for "graph paper notebooks" Google might give you results for "notebooks for drawing tables and charts" as well. Your search engine is trying to give users what it thinks they want, and that is why the algorithms are continually evolving.

Torapath is a Baton Rouge Company You Can Trust

Of course, there is more to ranking content then simply writing an excellent article. Relevant links still help, social media can always compliment your SEO efforts tremendously, the use of photos and videos in posts makes a world of difference, and the length of your posts matters as Google is now giving preference to longer content. There is much more to be considered as it concerns SEO, but the only thing you should focus on is having a great website and lots of excellent content. Torapath Technologies is a Baton Rouge SEO company that can take care of the rest for you.

Baton Rouge SEO company
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